I’ve been talking to God for a while now and using this as a means to try to figure out things in my life.  I’ve heard that others have been lucky enough to have an actual dialog with God and I was curious as to the form this would take.  And would I ever be lucky enough to experience that as well?

I’ve experienced the abundance aspect of asking of God/the Universe for things such as a free coffee.  I’ve asked for busy workdays or a happy surprise, the sorts of  things that might manifest in anyone’s day, really.  Until yesterday.

Yesterday I was driving on my way to the family farm for Easter holiday weekend and it came to my mind that my former friend’s birthday was Saturday.  I asked God whether or not I should send birthday wishes even though I had ended the friendship.  A few minutes later I passed a vehicle which seemed to be exactly like their work vehicle and though I cannot be sure if it was even them in the truck as it’s a company vehicle, it felt like that was a message for me.  Then this morning when I woke up I asked God again if this was a good idea.  When I turned on my phone I got three reminders that it was their birthday today … even though I had only programmed it into my phone once when I first put them into my contact list.  Okay, God, I think I’ve got the message! LOL  I did send a simple Happy Birthday and received a nice acknowledgement and thank you in return.  I’m glad I listened even though I was worried at how our friendship ended that that could have meant I’d get an unkind response.  But instead I now have a kind interaction to remember instead of the acrimonious one from before.

I don’t know what happens next as only God knows what He has in store for me.  Maybe he wanted me to have a happier ending, maybe he wanted me to try again, maybe…  It’s too soon for me to consider reconciling for the friendship we had is dead and so is the love I had for that person.  They are no longer the person I fell in love with and I’m no longer the person who fell in love with them.  IF we are meant to be in each others’ lives at all, we will have to form another kind of friendship, new from that moment. 

Yet that the relationship falls apart does not mean the relationship has ended. Sometimes things need to fall apart for things to truly fall together for the first time.” — Neale Donald Walsch, What God Wants
IF that is what God and I want.  We’ll have to talk more about that.