On my way home from a weekend away, I stopped at a local mall for a drink and a quick look in a bookstore but ended up getting take-out lunch in the food court even though I really didn’t feel like having anything. On my way out of the parking lot there was a guy with a sign at the intersection asking for help as he was homeless. I don’t usually give in to these types of things but as I drove past I remembered a time when a friend and I had gone to the same food chain for lunch and he bought food for a fellow outside who was down on his luck. I turned around and went back but it seemed that the fellow had gone. I turned around and was going to carry on my trip when I saw him again with a different sign. As he walked by I gave him my lunch. He thanked me and as I drove away I saw him eating the sandwich. It felt like I had had a message to do that kindness today.